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Six secrets to style a beautiful bohemian home

If you’ve noticed the bohemian home trend and are wondering how to get the look in your own home, then this post full of boho decor tips is really going to help you out!

  • Embrace your own Uniqueness

The boho style is super fun because you can really go wild with all your accessories.

colorful and unique pieces everywhere will show your unique soul .

when Choosing your Home Decor , mixing every pattern, color and texture you can think of would Embrace your Special uniqueness .

  • Layered rugs

For the boho style, you want to try the layered look.

Rugs are vital when creating a bohemian look for either a bohemian bedroom or a bohemian living area.

Here we are talking about colorful layered Rugs

  • SCENTS to inhance the mood and the vibe
Incense stick. Aromatherapy whit petals

All bohemian interior design characteristics include a good scent.

A good scent can change the atmosphere wherever you are, especially if you want to enjoy your newly boho chic styled space.

  • Plants Every where – Green color Gives Peace full mind

Life growing in your home not only adds benefits like purifying the air and releasing oxygen into the home but they are just so peace full Green colors .

Plants as flowerssucculentscactus or Hanging Plants .

  • Always Choose Soft Fabrics

The bohemian style is all about texture and color so the softer the fabric and more exuberant the color the better! 

incorporate cozy blankets when choosing your fabrics .

  • Re-purpose Old Furniture

It is so fun to re-purpose old stuffs into something useful. Instead of trashing the old drawers, cabinets, headboards, coffee table , not only would Save your money but also would give you a nice and unique Boho Sweet Vintage Home

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